The journey started in a drawing room with 3 old laptops and a dream to start a winning career in the international marketplace. It was not easy to start afresh in the global marketplace with zero work experience in this sector. But the bonding that was created among the founders in that time is still fresh like forever.


We still feel the same excitement when we remember the day we first got a real project and the day when we delivered the finished project successfully. It’s true that there is nothing sweeter than the first time.


Starting with the web development team and introducing a production studio was like watching a dream becoming true. The whole process took us a while to settle down and grow initially. But we made it even then.


Introducing a custom made software section was not an easy job either. We had to look for the right fit for a while, we also got to learn new things in the process. There was a time that came as well when we thought we must give up on custom web and software development. But we are here today!


This year again gave us a hard lesson. Made us even more conscious, down-to-earth and compassionate. We learned that life is full of surprises in so many ways and it has more to show us in the future.